"You have breast cancer."

When I heard those words more than nine years ago, I confess to thinking that it was the beginning of the end.

But I was wrong.

It was, if you will, the beginning of the beginning.

Most importantly, it was the beginning of my learning that I could get better and that I could do what needed to be done to get well.

I had a bilateral mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy and medications.

And I got well.

When I wrote, "Patricia's Story", about my fight with cancer for the Pasadena Star News, I didn't realize it might be the most important  story I would ever write.

Many women emailed me with questions and concerns about their own situation or that of a loved one.  Others, survivors who had been there and made it--five, ten or 30 years of being cancer-free--reached out to me and told me their stories.  We touched each other through tough times.

Even though I never met most of them in person, it was very helpful for me to talk to these women. 

In fact, sometimes I found it easier to talk to women I did not know and easier for them to talk to me.  I also learned that there is one little niche where I can, at least sometimes, be a voice of hope.
It is in the spirit of hope shared that I am reaching out to you.

I created breastbuddy.net in honor of my
10-year Survivor Anniversary.
So, if you want to talk about your fears, voice your concerns, or ask questions, I would be proud to be your breastbuddy.

Patricia Bunin
Who Am I?
I am a writer, a mom, a wife--an ordinary person who learned how to navigate my way through an extraordinary situation and go on to enjoy a rich and rewarding life.
Who Am I Not?
  • I am not a medical professional.
  • I am not a therapist.
  • I am not proselytizing for a faith.
Email me at: patricia@breastbuddy.net
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What can I do right now to make my (or my loved one's) cancer diagnosis more bearable?

The first thought that pops into your mind after you ask this question. That is your major stressor.  Seeing your answer in writing gives you the beginning of an action plan.

Email me if you need help.